A world torn apart.

14 01 2010

One of the poorest countries in the world is further devastated by a massive earthquake.

Haitians have a 50% chance of living past the age of 15.  With poverty and disease running rampant it seems the cruelest of places for such a great disaster.

When I first heard of the disaster I immediately went into a place of hopelessness and despair!  How can this country, already in the depths of daily disaster ever recover from this massive earthquake.  And then, reports of aid workers and aid money pouring in from all over the world began appearing.  It hit me that there always seems to be an “And then” moment when disaster hits.

This led me to think about and ponder how many times I sit in despair when I just need to ask for help or aid in my disasters in life.  It also put my “disasters” into perspective.

There is hope even when all seems hopeless.  There is help when there seems to be no answer or solution.  We are stronger than out wildest imaginings.  As a song in the movie “Prince of Egypt” says, “though hope is frail, it’s hard to kill”

here is my prayer and blessing for Haiti:

May hopelessness be swept aside as hope floods in.

May provision abound in your land and your hearts.

May despair be eradicated and Love take its place.