The Clarity of Choice

22 12 2009

There are times when the events of life pull you to a place of such clarity and lucidity where the other madness in life ceases to be.  Such an event happened to me today, just seconds go.  I am sitting in a laundromat and get a call from a friend who has cancer.  That insidious monster that kills and steals and destroys.  She has not been doing well.  She has been for a long time and it seems a downward spiral has began.  “How long do you think you might have?”, I asked her as emotionless as I could.  “A few weeks to a few months.  If I am here in three months I’ll have done really well”, she replied to me.

Off the phone and the tears begin.  Weeks?  3 months is good?  I have chosen to change my day.  When my laundry is finished I will go to her house where we will have ice cream.  I am sure we will celebrate and I will grieve, she may too.  Their is great sorrow for me in this but also appreciation.  I appreciate the times I get to be with my friend knowing that she may not be here much longer.  It also brings me to appreciate others in my life who I probably have many years to share with.  It makes the sweet things sweeter, the beautiful things more beautiful, and the meaning of life closer and more lucid.

I choose to embrace life more fully and be fearless in the face of sorrow and death and loss.  I choose to love fully and deeply!


And then it hit me…..we get to choose!

20 12 2009

I am sitting with my mocha thinking about Tiger Woods and the myriad of those caught in behavior that doesn’t fit with their commitments.  I am specifically thinking about what it is like as they are in the middle of it.  The storm of accusations and publicity and press.  THAT MUST SUCK!  And then I think about how even when we are on the hot seat we get to choose how we want to handle and how we want to be.

I am reading this book called “In The Twinkle of an I” by Daniel L. Tocchini and one of the quotes blasted me over!  “The future worth having isn’t out there somewhere.  It’s now.”  I couldn’t wrap my head around it until I realized that whatever I choose and however I choose to be is what creates my future!

What future worth having do you see right now?  What future will Tiger Woods choose?  I am going to wrestle with this one for a bit and get back to you!