The Clarity of Choice

22 12 2009

There are times when the events of life pull you to a place of such clarity and lucidity where the other madness in life ceases to be.  Such an event happened to me today, just seconds go.  I am sitting in a laundromat and get a call from a friend who has cancer.  That insidious monster that kills and steals and destroys.  She has not been doing well.  She has been for a long time and it seems a downward spiral has began.  “How long do you think you might have?”, I asked her as emotionless as I could.  “A few weeks to a few months.  If I am here in three months I’ll have done really well”, she replied to me.

Off the phone and the tears begin.  Weeks?  3 months is good?  I have chosen to change my day.  When my laundry is finished I will go to her house where we will have ice cream.  I am sure we will celebrate and I will grieve, she may too.  Their is great sorrow for me in this but also appreciation.  I appreciate the times I get to be with my friend knowing that she may not be here much longer.  It also brings me to appreciate others in my life who I probably have many years to share with.  It makes the sweet things sweeter, the beautiful things more beautiful, and the meaning of life closer and more lucid.

I choose to embrace life more fully and be fearless in the face of sorrow and death and loss.  I choose to love fully and deeply!




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