And then it hit me…..we get to choose!

20 12 2009

I am sitting with my mocha thinking about Tiger Woods and the myriad of those caught in behavior that doesn’t fit with their commitments.  I am specifically thinking about what it is like as they are in the middle of it.  The storm of accusations and publicity and press.  THAT MUST SUCK!  And then I think about how even when we are on the hot seat we get to choose how we want to handle and how we want to be.

I am reading this book called “In The Twinkle of an I” by Daniel L. Tocchini and one of the quotes blasted me over!  “The future worth having isn’t out there somewhere.  It’s now.”  I couldn’t wrap my head around it until I realized that whatever I choose and however I choose to be is what creates my future!

What future worth having do you see right now?  What future will Tiger Woods choose?  I am going to wrestle with this one for a bit and get back to you!





One response

20 12 2009
Mike Ritsema

Amen, Mykhael, as a goal oriented planner … I choose that concept often if not daily: embrace the moment and choose to find fulfillment everyday. I also believe that as we choose authenticity with ourselves and others, we choose stronger relationships with ourselves and others.

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